jeudi 16 décembre 2010

My last shopping

While i'm looking for a scarf  to warm my neck :-), I cracked for this beautiful scarf (Burberry)! It is true that it is not very warm  for the current cold in Paris, but I couldn't leave the shop without it! No problem, I'll  wear it when the weather will be less cold :-)

The scarf which really protects from the cold is the one below! Bought in a shop in Paris. It's a cupe surrounded with a little fur in the outline

5 commentaires:

  1. Sometimes i sacrify my own comfort and wear appropriate clothes. The burberry scarf is amazing.

  2. you're right, me sometimes even if I am at uncovered, I buy! if my credit card pays :-)

  3. the burberry scarf a classic must-have ;-)
    love the leopard print scarf!!!

  4. J'adore l'echarpe Burberry !! Bisous